Cute Calligraphy Art × Greeting Card (Kids are welcomed)

Let's make Original Cards! Produced by Field Trip +

Have you ever tried Calligraphy? If so, do you think Calligraphy is difficult or bit old-traditional culture in Japan?

It is not! It's very fun and everyone can enjoy calligraphy in a Casual and Playful way!

Let's enjoy making Original greeting cards (X'mas Card, New year Card, Birthday Card, etc) and give them to your friends and family! It's easy and children can also enjoy making!

Class schedule both in Japanese and in English

*see How to do Calligraphy and some Modern Cute Calligraphy

*Writing your name in Kanji (Chinese characters) with Calligraphy ink brush

*Making Cute and playful Greeting Cards with an ink brush pens, colorful figured papers, and stamps (2 cards for each)

*Bring cards you made back to your home and send them who you love!

You do not need to bring anything

but with apron is better because ink is bit difficult to take off from your clothing


Hatch Cowork + KIDs It's a coworking space with KIDs room!

How to attend

Please register by pressing the button “Get Ticket”

Contact: info@pastel-be.com

Produced by Field Trip + http://fieldtripplus.com/

Sat Nov 9, 2013
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM JST
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Hatch Cowork + KIDs
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